Buffalo Bills: 5 bold predictions for Week 7 against Patriots

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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3.) Josh Allen does not commit a turnover

The Patriots’ defense has not been the typical New England defense that can change a game by winning the turnover battle. They have a -8 point differential going into this game with only three takeaways and are down their number one edge rusher, as well as their promising rookie corner. 

Josh Allen has only not committed a turnover in three games against New England in his career. Heading into this game, he has 10 total turnovers against the Patriots (7 interceptions and 3 fumbles). This season, Allen has turned the ball over at least one time in four out of six games. He has been reckless with the ball at times and it forces the Buffalo defense to step up and get the ball back without letting up a score.

With the Patriots in the current stage of falling apart as a team this season, the Bills cannot afford to give them opportunities to score off of turnovers and it all starts with #17 behind center.