Buffalo Bills: 5 biggest questions entering Week 12 against Eagles

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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How will the communication be between Josh Allen and Joe Brady?

One of the biggest issues when on the road is communication as the opposing fanbase will do everything they can to make it tough with noise. For the Bills though there is an added layer in that Joe Brady will be calling plays for only the second time.

Last week, Joe Brady was the Bills offensive coordinator and seemed to be on the same page with Josh Allen. The Bills offense got out of the huddle quickly and to the line which helped Josh Allen diagnose the defense and know where he was going with the ball.

On the road, it may not be as easy so Brady has to be decisive and get the play call to Allen early in the play clock. It will also be important for Josh Allen to make sure everyone on the field knows the play call and snap cadence to avoid false starts.