Buffalo Bills: 4 reasons why James Cook will have breakout season in 2023

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Reason Number 3: Lowering Josh Allen's Risk of Injury

Josh Allen just turned 27 recently, and he's clearly shown his ability to be a dangerous dual-threat quarterback. Although he's still young, there's still a good chance that he could get badly injured, and as quarterbacks age, they have to adapt their game so they can last in the league.

Allen would even mention this in a press conference earlier this offseason, "I know it sounds crazy but I'm getting older. Over the course of my career I'm going to have to learn to adapt and change" said Allen.

Although Allen never mentioned that he feels like he's slowing down or anything, he did point out that these hits are eventually going to catch up to him. This could indicate that running backs like Cook in the offense would be utilized more and taking some pressure off of Allen's legs.