Buffalo Bills: 4 former notable draft picks whose NFL career is probably over

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Draft day is a bittersweet time of year in the offseason. Some players' dreams come true or crumble as they get drafted or fail to get their name called. However, even if a player gets their name called, it doesn't always mean they'll be making the roster—or any roster. The NFL is a hard league to stay in. Even with just the talent, an NFL athlete has to stay healthy and, at the same time, play to their full potential.

Some Bills players could do that for a long time, but eventually, their bodies slowed down, some faster than others. Some have been great with Buffalo but are getting older and need help keeping up with the pros. The Bills have also drafted many players who haven't panned out in the league, some of them not lasting a season.

Buffalo Bills receiver - Robert Woods (2013 - 2016)

Robert Woods had more talent than what is shown on paper. He was drafted in a questionable passing offense for his first three years with Buffalo, where he would showcase flashes of star potential. Still, he could never fully showcase his talents, especially with a young Sammy Watkins as the number one option. In 2017, Woods declared free agency, signed with the Rams, and joined a revamped Rams offense. He reunited with his old teammate, Sammy Watkins, under a newly hired Sean McVay. Woods would have a couple of great seasons with the Rams, recording over 1,100 yards in both seasons.

Woods slowed down a bit after 2018 and is now part of a young, talented Houston Texans team. Woods contributed little last season, and now, with Stefon Diggs in the mix and receivers Nico Collins and Tank Dell above him on the depth chart, it isn't likely that Woods will see a significant role with the team. Woods turned 32 in April, so there is only a little gas left in the tank, and he may even get cut by the end of training camp this year. Even if he does sign with another team, he will likely be listed as a fourth option at best.