4 players drafted by the Bills who are probably done in the NFL

Marquise Goodwin
Marquise Goodwin / Tom Szczerbowski/GettyImages

There are still some viable free agents on the market for all teams, including some players who were either drafted by the Buffalo Bills or who played the majority of their career with the team. Not all of these free agents though are coveted by the league.

Some due to age, some due to poor play, or a combination of both. Here are four former Bills draft picks who might be done playing in the NFL.

4 players drafted by the Buffalo Bills who are probably done in the NFL

Jake Fromm

Needless to say, the fifth-round draft pick for the Bills in 2020 isn't garnering much interest in the league, and for good reason. Fromm didn't really cut it with Buffalo as a backup to Josh Allen and was signed off the Bills practice squad by the New York Giants in the middle of the 2021 season. He had gotten an opportunity to start in Week 16 of the 2021 season against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fromm's stats in 2021 are less than ideal. In three games, he tallied 27 completions on 60 attempts (45% completion percentage) 210 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions. He then spent 2023 on the Commanders' practice squad but was released in March of 2024. The fact that Fromm hasn't had interest from either the Giants or Commanders, nor any team in the league thus far is a bad sign for Fromm and could be a sign he isn't going to be on an NFL roster.

Shaq Lawson

The Bills really got the most out of Shaq Lawson in his career. There was hope that Lawson could have been re-signed by the Bills, but with it being this late in the year is not a good sign Lawson will be back with the Bills.

Lawson had stints with both the Dolphins in 2020 and the Jets in 2021, and he didn't create much impact for those teams. He came back to the Bills in 2022 and had a revival of his career. Unfortunately, with the Bills not having much cap space nor the need for Lawson is a bad sign for returning to the Bills.

Because of how little of an impact outside of Buffalo Lawson has had, along with still being unsigned could mean he either makes a practice squad at the most or is sitting out for 2024.

Darryl Johnson

Of all these former draft picks that were selected by the Bills in previous years, Johnson was picked the latest (seventh Round). Because of this, there weren't many expectations out of this player.

With that being said, Johnson was a viable starter for the Bills and was a role player for both the Panthers and the Seahawks. Unfortunately, after leaving Buffalo, Johnson has had fewer and fewer opportunities each year.

He spent 2023 with the San Francisco 49ers practice squad and is now a free agent. Things aren't looking good for Johnson, and he could be sitting on another practice squad this year or could be out of a job in 2024.

Marquise Goodwin

The most established veteran on this list who has made the biggest impact in the league, could be out of a job in 2024. Not solely because of a drop off of production, but mainly because he is a wide receiver who is 33 years old.

His last year, which was in Cleveland, didn't produce much. Goodwin had four catches on 13 targets, 67 yards and no touchdowns. That was one of the worst years in his career outside of his second season with the Bills (one reception on nine targets and 42 yards, no touchdowns as well). Goodwin seems to be out of the league either this year or next, and for good reason.

He had a successful career by most standards and seems to have lost a step. It would be wise to quit while he is mostly ahead in his career.