Buffalo Bills: 3 ways Josh Allen can shine against Patriots in Week 7

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages
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Take pressure off of Josh Allen

Allen is the definition of Superman when it comes to playing for the Bills, but even Superman can't do everything. Time and time again, it seems the offense fully relies on Allen to do everything, even when running the ball.

Now that the Bills have a potential Pro Bowl-caliber running back in James Cook, the offense can finally stop being one-dimensional. Yet it seems like during some of the games this season, the offense forgets that they have Cook on their team and rely on the pass.

A prime example was against the Giants, who were close to dead last against the run. The offense didn't decide to run the ball with Cook until the second half, where they've had more success. Overall it took the pressure off Allen, which also helped him play a much better half.

A similar case is with this game, however, the Patriots run defense is a lot better than the Giants, it's still important to try and establish the run any way you can with your best running back and then attack the weaknesses, which is the secondary.

Overall, the offense needs to make the play-action game believable.