Buffalo Bills: 3 ways Josh Allen can limit his turnovers in 2023

Despite being a top quarterback in the NFL, he is also become a little bit of a turnover machine.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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1.) Don’t force the ball to Stefon Diggs

This might raise some eyebrows, but with the offseason drama that occurred between the Bills and their star receiver in Stefon Diggs, who knows if this situation may rise again if Diggs does not get the targets (even though he has ranked in the top three in targets since coming to Buffalo in 2020).

No one knows the true drama that occurred between the two parties, but there was speculation of Diggs not being involved in the offense as much as he was looking to be last season (specifically in the divisional round against the Bengals). 

Only Allen knows how he is thinking when it comes to keeping his favorite go-to guy happy, the player who helped him take the MVP level jump in his career in 2020. Diggs’ presence is important for this offense to produce but there are other weapons that need to be utilized in order to allow Diggs to get his targets.

Once Diggs has coverage on him, Allen has to be able to trust his other weapons and not try to force a throw to Diggs.