Buffalo Bills: 3 ways Josh Allen can limit his turnovers in 2023

Despite being a top quarterback in the NFL, he is also become a little bit of a turnover machine.
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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2.) Don’t always play “hero ball”

Sometimes early on in games, Bills fans are able to see what kind of game Allen is more than likely going to have based on his decision-making and trying to force a good play at times when it does not need to be made.

Not only in the early parts of the game but also near the end if the Buffalo Bills are down and the plays are not forming. There are times during games when Allen has tried to make a big play but it backfires or almost causes a turnover. 

It will be up to offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey to guide Allen into being calm and not always making the big play. Sometimes it is better to take the sack or throw it out of bounds. Anything is better than turning it over.

Aside from Allen not trying to make these kinds of plays some of the time, it is also up to receivers to get separation from defenders and the protection upfront to be consistent.