Buffalo Bills: 3 ways Josh Allen can limit his turnovers in 2023

Despite being a top quarterback in the NFL, he is also become a little bit of a turnover machine.
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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3.) Limitation of the designed and off-script Allen runs

Standing at 6’5 and almost 240 pounds, Allen is a big player who has good running ability. It is fun to see him hurdling players to pick up the first down and even stiff-arming defenders. However, what comes with the excitement of these runs by Allen also comes with risk. 

The Buffalo Bills have utilized designed run plays for Allen on quarterback sweeps, which are usually successful. Although, this creates a risk of both injury and a fumble. Putting the franchise in a position where he becomes the main target on a run play is not worth the risk. Without on the field, the Bills are not a true threat against an opponent. 

As far as the off-script runs, this is where the offensive line must hold their ground and protect Allen from having to run for his life and make a play on the ground that was designed as a pass. Allen had to run the ball 57 times on plays that were designed as the pass but the pressure came quickly.