Buffalo Bills: 3 ways Josh Allen can limit his turnovers in 2023

Despite being a top quarterback in the NFL, he is also become a little bit of a turnover machine.
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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The NFL has become a league where the quarterback position has greatly changed based on how they play. The days of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and many more had a true pocket awareness with limited mobility. While past quarterbacks could be mobile, it is nothing like the current quarterbacks that are in the league. 

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is part of the group that is physically gifted at the position because he doesn’t just have the ability to launch the ball 75-plus yards, but is able to make plays on the ground whether it is trucking defenders or even hurdling them. At one point, Allen was the Bills’ running game. While Allen has dynamic athletic ability, it has also cost the offense drives and potential points because of the turnovers. 

In four of Allen’s five seasons with the Bills, Allen has thrown double digits interceptions (14 in 2022) and has fumbled the ball at least eight times a season (13 in 2022). 

Despite only losing three games last season, the Bills only three had games where they did not have a turnover in which a majority of them came from Allen. The turnover battle can serve as a deciding victory of whether or not a team wins a football game. Going into the 2023 season, Allen will have to limit the turnovers to keep the Bills in contention especially with them having one of the toughest schedules in the league 

Here are three ways that the Buffalo Bills can help limit turnovers for Josh Allen.