Buffalo Bills 3 up 2 down from their second preseason game

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Gabe Davis looks like what we hoped for last season

Gabe Davis was the darling of Bills fan after the 2021 season. Everyone knew he was about to light up the league after what he did to the Kansas City Chiefs. But instead, he suffered an ankle injury that nagged him all season and to his own admission was an issue all year long.

Davis had two receptions for 29 yards and should have been three for 63 yards had it not been for a holding call. He was targeted three times and came down with all three. Davis has had the best camp of his career and has carried that over into practices and the preseason.

Knock on wood but I think Davis is primed for that breakout season we all expected from him last season. The addition of Dalton Kincaid and 12-personnel should help him as well because safeties won't be able to just sit back in cover two, they will have to respect the short to intermediate routes too, which should give Davis more one on one opportunities downfield, which is where he's best.