Buffalo Bills 3 up 2 down from their second preseason game

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I know what you're thinking, how did you find three good things to come out of this matchup? And while I understand how that might seem difficult, when you really look at this game, there were some glaring issues that were largely isolated to only a couple of areas of the game.

We'll get into those areas later but for now, let's address the linebacking concerns. I didn't include the middle linebacker situation here because I simply think this will work itself out in the long run. No, the options to start are not Tremaine Edmunds (the guy that half of Bills Mafia wanted gone anyways) but I also have faith that either Bernard or Dodson will improve as they get snaps, plus the parts around them should help cover up any shortcomings for the most part.

The other aspect of this game that could have easily been included was the turnovers but lucky for us, all the turnovers came from Matt Barkley and not Josh Allen or any of the starters. Speaking of Barkley, I think he just sealed the deal for QB2 to be Kyle Allen. You can also check out the rest of my 53-man roster projection too but let's get to what I saw good in the Bills second preseason game.