Buffalo Bills: 53-man roster projection after second preseason game

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What a debacle preseason game two was. But hey, it's just preseason but it's hard not to overreact to this sort of performance. On the bright side, this is one of those types of games you just have to move on from. You can't put too much stock into this game. It's not like they were struggling with anything that can't be fixed.

At the same time, when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, you have to just chalk it up to one of those games. From a coach's standpoint, I can't imagine the frustration that Coach McDermott had to be feeling and how hard it will be to evaluate players after a game like this. You know this wasn't who the Buffalo Bills are and they will be fine. The biggest issues were the penalties and turnovers.

Two good things, the penalties can be cleaned up, and Matt Barkley committed all the turnovers, not QB1 Josh Allen. We also got to see fifth-round rookie Justin Shorter get heavily involved, late in the game and make a claim for a spot on the 53-man roster.

Speaking of the 53-man roster, that is why we are here. I poured over the numbers from this Week Two preseason game and watched it twice, along with what we already know from the previous preseason game, training camp, and practices, and here is what I believe the roster will look like heading into 2023. I do reserve the right to make changes though, depending on what we see between now and cut-down day on August 29th.