Buffalo Bills: 3 unfair expectations for James Cook in 2023

Buffalo Bills, James Cook
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Going into the 2023 season, the Buffalo Bills' running back room is going to look a lot different.

For starters, it's going to have a newly-signed veteran, Latavius Murray, in the fold. The crafty veteran has played for a handful of teams and has always produced, no matter his role. He'll be a valuable veteran to have in that locker room and for depth. Don't forget the special teams and receiving ace, too, Nyheim Hines.

The Bills are also turning to James Cook as their primary running back after the exit of Devin Singletary. The second-year back is likely to step into the spotlight and offers Buffalo both rushing and receiving.

While Cook was a second-round pick and has a lot of potential, let's slow our roll on putting some unfair expectations on his sophomore year in Buffalo.

Unfair expectation for Buffalo Bills RB James Cook in 2023: Score double-digit rushing touchdowns

Last year, Josh Allen carried the ball 11 times inside the 5-yard line compared to just eight total carries for running backs. Harris is the bigger back and will likely get more goal-line carries. Allen will continue to be a factor, there, as usual.

So, to think that Cook is going to be the bell cow type for the Bills and take on the bulk of the red zone work is unfair. It's not going to happen. Cook will be the Bills' best running back between the 20's, but when it comes to scoring rushing touchdowns, that will still be spread out.

Fair expectation for Buffalo Bills RB James Cook in 2023: Score double-digit total touchdowns

Over 25 percent of Cook's total yardage from his rookie year came through the air, and that included one receiving touchdown. He will continue to be the most-utilized pass-catching back, while Harris mostly offers the rushing prowess. Cook can absolutely end the year with double-digit total touchdowns.