Buffalo Bills: 3 things Josh Allen must do to win the MVP award in 2023

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Josh Allen needs to improve his accuracy

While the Buffalo Bills offense has looked much better with Joe Brady calling plays, there is still room for improvement as a whole but also for Josh Allen. One area in particular that Allen could improve is with his accuracy and throwing better passes.

On the season, Allen has completed 66.3% of his passes and if that percentage holds, it would be his second best rate since completing 69.2% in 2020. However, recently he has not been nearly as accurate and in four of the past five games has been under a 60% completion rate.

During the past three games, in particular, his Bad Throw Percentage has been above 15%, which includes bad throws excluding throwaways and spikes. If Allen improves his accuracy, the other stats will follow and the Buffalo Bills can finish the season on a high note.