Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Week 16 vs. Los Angeles Chargers is a trap game

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills (8-6) are coming off a statement 31-10 win against the Dallas Cowboys, where running back James Cook was the highlight of the offense with 221 total yards (179 yards on the ground) and 2 total touchdowns. With this win, the Bills find themselves in a much better position in terms of getting into the playoff picture.

With their next three games being against the Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins, they have a realistic chance to win out, but they will also need a little bit of help. The good news is that if the Bills win their next two and the Dolphins lose one of their next two (Cowboys or Ravens), then Week 18 will be for the AFC East.

However, the NFL is a week-to-week schedule, and this season has proven that you are only as good as what you display on the field on game day. The Bills have lost games that they should have won, or have edged out a close win in games that should have been a blowout. 

With the state of the Chargers, who just cleaned house by firing both general manager Tom Telesco and head coach Brandon Staley, things are not looking great for the Chargers. They are dealing with a coaching change coming off a 63-21 loss last week against the Las Vegas Raiders, as well as a good amount of injuries which includes quarterback Justin Herbert who will not see the field for the rest of the season. 

On paper, the Bills should easily handle the Chargers. On the field, it could be a completely different story if the Bills don’t prepare for the Chargers.

Here are three reasons why Week 16 is a trap game for the Buffalo Bills.