Buffalo Bills: 3 key players to watch on offense against Dolphins in Week 4

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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The last two weeks, the Buffalo Bills have changed up their offensive scheme to limit the big plays and utilize the short field as well as boost up the run game. Since their horrendous offensive outing in Week 1 against the New York Jets, the mistakes have been limited and the offense has been more smooth. As the Bills set out to prepare for the Miami Dolphins, the main headline is whether or not the Bills can slow down this powerful Dolphins offense who put up madden numbers against the Denver Broncos. 

Through three weeks, the Miami defense is ranked in the bottom half of the league in points given up and total yards. If you break down the first two games for the Dolphins, they were in a track meet against the Los Angeles Chargers and it took a game-winning drive to come out on top. Then in Week 2 against the no-powered New England Patriots, while they were able to run the ball, the pass was limited and it took away the biggest strength of the Dolphins’ offense. 

Meanwhile, the Bills are not only getting to the quarterback on defense but they have also stopped the run which included putting Raiders’ running back Josh Jacobs on the stat sheet for -2 rushing yards through four quarters. All that everyone is talking about how the Miami offense can light up the scoreboard. Let’s not forget about the other side of the ball that could easily cost the Dolphins not only a potential 4-0 start, but a lead on the division as well.

Here are the three key offensive players for the Buffalo Bills heading into Week 4.