Buffalo Bills: 3 bold predictions for Josh Allen entering the 2023 season

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills
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3.) Josh Allen silences any doubters by winning MVP award

Since Allen’s 2020 MVP-like season, he still has yet to win the MVP award as it has been won by Aaron Rodgers in 2020 and 2021, then by Patrick Mahomes in 2022. The issue with Allen’s game is inconsistency because it doesn’t seem like he can play at a consistent high level like other players in the NFL.

For the first couple weeks of the season, he will light up the NFL but then fall into a slump before cleaning it up. This season is different though because if that pattern continues to happen, Allen at that point might be competing just to fight for a playoff spot in the tough AFC rather than going for the number one seed. This is the season that Allen gets into a groove and finds himself at the top of the NFL MVP list. 

With all of the hype surrounding teams like the Kansas City Chiefs (respectfully they do deserve it as of now), Cincinnati Bengals, and now the potential rise of the Jacksonville Jaguars, this is the perfect opportunity for Allen to put the Bills on the map and make the NFL world respect not just him but the Bills as a unit.