Buffalo Bills: 3 bold predictions for Josh Allen entering the 2023 season

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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Going into his sixth season as the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback, Josh Allen has had the success that has Bills Mafia excited about what the team brings each year. However, he has also entered a league in which there are so many quarterbacks who are just as good if not better than him (whether it is physically or statistically).

He has missed the playoffs (only his rookie season), and has competed in almost every level of the playoffs except for the big one. Going into this fourth season since his MVP season in 2020, Allen has had ups and downs with his games but when he is at his highest level, he is arguably the best player in football and it is not close. 

Allen signed his contract extension right before the 2021 season and now this is the first year it will go into effect so there is pressure for the Bills to get something out of Allen with his new big contract. 

Here are three bold predictions for Josh Allen entering the 2023 season.