Buffalo Bills 21 pending free agents in 21 days - defensive tackle Poona Ford

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Poona Ford was a late offseason addition last summer and I think many expected more from him. I"m hoping the team will re-sign Ford, as I'd like to see him on the field one more season. I think he has more to offer than what we got from him in 2024 and the Bills need some defensive tackles and Ford wouldn't break the bank to bring back.

The Bills signed Ford last year to a one-year deal worth $2.25 million. I'd guess they can probably do another one, maybe two-year deal and see what he's got. Ford is only 28 years old and would be a great candidate to add to the Bills depth. In 2023, Ford played only 152 snaps. In those snaps he totaled nine tackles, six solo, 1 sack and nine total pressures.

The Buffalo Bills most likely bring in one or two new defensive tackles, and possibly draft a couple. If I was a betting person too, I'd put money on DaQuan Jones returning as well. Heading into the draft, maybe Jones, Oliver and Ford. One more via free agency and the Bills have four. Don't be surprised if Buffalo adds a few rookie defensive linemen to the mix, to include one or two defensive tackles. The Bills need to get younger and find some quality talent to develop. Even bringing back Jones comes with some risks, age and recent injuries.

Personally, if the Bills completely revamp the defensive line, building around only Oliver and Rousseau, I would be all for it. The last couple of seasons, the Bills line has disappeared but that was also under the guidance of former line coach Eric Washington. Now that Marcus West is coaching the defensive line, we'll see if he can get more out of this line, with greater consistency.


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