3 teams on the Buffalo Bills’ 2023 schedule who improved the most

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills have had four consecutive seasons of 10+ wins from 2019 to last season, although they have always had tougher schedules. In the last three years, the Bills have faced both the AFC and NFC representatives of the super bowl the year prior and it will happen for a fourth time as the Bills are set to face the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. 

Heading into this season, the Buffalo Bills will once again have a tough schedule that they will need to overcome to raise the Lombardi trophy. When taking a look at their schedule, the Bills are going to have to face great quarterbacks, great coaches and tough divisions (not to mention their own division opponents).

I would argue that out of their 17 opponents, at least 8 of them improved this past offseason. Whether it was acquiring key free agents, solidifying a trade for an impactful player, or fixing the coaching staff from last season. 

While everything is played on the field and championships are not awarded to the winner of the offseason, there is an argument that the Bills' road to the Super Bowl became a little bit harder than last season. 

Here are the top three teams that the Bills will face who vastly improved from last season.