Breaking down the longest pass in Buffalo Bills history

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Last year, Josh Allen would tie a franchise record that was set over a decade prior when he connected with Gabe Davis on a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bills would go on to win that game pretty easily and that touchdown would not only be one of the top highlights from that game but of the 2022 season.

However, it wouldn't set the record but tie it with a wide receiver who would go on to make the Hall of Fame. These are the two plays that currently hold the record for the longest pass in Buffalo Bills history.

Josh Allen throws touchdown to Gabe Davis in Buffalo Bills 38-3 win over Pittsburgh Steelers

It was an up and down season for Gabe Davis in his first full season as a starter for the Buffalo Bills. The Week 6 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers was easily the best of the season as he would have 171 receiving yards and two receiving touchdowns on only three receptions.

The record-setting play came very early after Taiwan Jones failed to catch the opening kickoff cleanly. The Bills would start their drive on the two-yard line and after an incomplete pass and a run for no gain by Devin Singletary, the offense faced a 3rd and 10 deep in their end zone.

This is when teams typically run it inside to try and pick up a few yards and give them a little more space to punt. However, the Bills called a pass play, and thanks to great protection, Josh Allen got a throw off to Gabe Davis that had him already over the top of the defense.

Once he made the catch, it was a foot race that Davis would win. He would also have a 62-yard touchdown later in the game that gave the Buffalo Bills a 17-3 lead and they didn't look back.

Terrell Owens goes 98 yards for a touchdown for the Buffalo Bills against the Jacksonville Jaguars

The original record was set back in 2009 when the Buffalo Bills played the Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately, that game didn't work out in the Bills favor as they would lose 18-15 to the Jaguars.

In fact, that touchdown would be the only offensive touchdown the Buffalo Bills had as the other points came on three field goals by Rian Lindell. Unlike Josh Allen's throw, the Bills elected to take their shot early on the first play of their opening drive of the second half.

Terrell Owen's time in Buffalo was short-lived as he played only one season. This game would be his best by far in a Bills' uniform with 197 receiving yards on nine receptions while no other player on the Buffalo Bills had more than 40 receiving yards or four receptions.