Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills offensive tackles as voted by Bills Mafia

The Buffalo Bills have had a lot of talent along the various offensive lines throughout their history. I have my opinion on who should be voted at the top, but I wanted to hear what Bills Mafia thinks collectively. So, the fans have voted, and here are your top offensive tackles in Bills' history.

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The tackle position, specifically the left tackle, is considered one of the most important positions, maybe even the most important after the quarterback. The offensive line of a team is vital, without a good line, the offense can only do so much, even with talent at skill positions.

An offensive line that struggles will be the undoing of any offense. If we look at the Bills of the late 80s and 90s, they had one of the best lines in the NFL. Emmitt Smith doesn't set the all-time rushing record without having that all-world line in front of him. O.J. Simpson doesn't have the NFL's first-ever 2,000-yard rushing season without the Electric Company.

The Bills of today seem to continue to retool their offensive line every year, still trying to find the right players with the right combination, once they do, Allen will be able to sit back and use that rocket arm to pick apart defenses. But until that happens, let's discuss some of the great offensive tackles we've seen in a Bills uniform.

There are several players that you could make an argument for, but we only have two spots for tackles on the team, plus one honorable mention. All three players that made this list were teammates at one point during the 1992 season.

Additionally, all three blocked for a quarterback that made the all-time Bills Mafia-voted team at the quarterback position. They combined for 346 total games with the Bills between them too. With that, let's get into the list.