Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills quarterbacks as voted by Bills Mafia

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I started this project three months ago, putting together a Buffalo Bills All-Time team. There are lots of player rankings and best player this, best player that but I took a different angle. I wanted an All-Time team that was voted on by Bills Mafia. So, here we are.

When I first started this project, I created polls for each position that went up on both Facebook and Twitter, in hopes of getting the most diverse group of Bills fans possible, then combined the numbers from the two polls and came up with the winners.

The Bills have a solid quarterback history and honestly, it might be one of the better groups in NFL history. But that can be debated all day. The quarterback position included what I believe to be the best four and have a decent tenure with the Bills. The list included Joe Ferguson, Jim Kelly, Jack Kemp, and Josh Allen (congrats on the Madden 24 cover).

This group has 16 Pro Bowls between them, three second-team All-Pros, and three first-team All-Pros. One of them was an AFL Player of the Year recipient and runner-up, two AFL Championships, and two others were NFL MVP runners-up. This list even includes a Madden Cover athlete.

These four quarterbacks represent Bills football from 1962 to today and likely beyond for several more years. Between that time, other quarterbacks that played for the Bills include Doug Flutie, Daryle Lamonica, and Drew Bledsoe. Those guys had good to great careers, but none played long for Buffalo or had their prime years elsewhere, as was the case with Lamonica.

The voting is done, polls are closed, and let's get into the quarterbacks for your Bills' All-Time team.