Boomer Esiason predicts a shocking AFC East power shift

Every national media analyst as an opinion about the Bills and Boomer Esiason is the latest to voice his thoughts.
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Ok, I get it. The Buffalo Bills didn't sign the big-name aging stars through free agency, they released a handful of former stars and lost several players via free agency deals with other teams. But look, the Bills don't need to sign big names, nor do they have the money to do so anyway. They had a few holes to feel, all of which they have done, while also setting themselves up for success beyond the 2024 season.

Yet, NFL analysts all over the country continue to throw shade on the Buffalo Bills. The latest is Boomer Esiason, who says the Bills and Dolphins have been passed by the New York Jets. I feel like we've heard this story before. Weren't the Jets proclaimed the AFC East champs last offseason? I remember something about them being the AFC's Super Bowl favorite last year too. I know, Aaron Rodgers got hurt, but how did last season work out for them?

To me. Coach Saleh has done nothing to warrant all the love he and his team have received over the last two seasons. We've seen several NFL teams in years past spend money in free agency and trade for big names, only to fall flat on their face. That happens more often than not. I recall a time when the Bills spent crazy money on an offensive line that failed miserably. Or how about the $100 million expenditure for free agent Mario Williams? How did that work out for the Bills? You could even look more recently at the massive deal that Buffalo shelled out for Von Miller. I can give that one a pass because he recently took a significant pay cut and you can't control injuries.

Brandon Beane and the Bills have done a great job addressing a few roster needs via free agency and will look to fill out the roster through the draft. They have 11 picks, tied for the most of any team in the league. I can't wait to see what Beane does with all those picks and despite the doom and gloom of some fans and the national media, we have Josh Allen and will always be in the fight for a Super Bowl and the Bills own the AFC East, until some other team takes it away, which isn't going to happen in 2024.


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