Bills legend Bruce Smith wrongfully left off of all-time greats list

This is unbelievable.
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

It is very difficult to create an all-time list within the NFL. It is easier to break down an all-time list position by position but when it comes to general terms, it is very rare to have the same list as someone else. The obvious players that should make these lists include Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Lawrence Taylor. After that, everything else up for discussion.

Bryan DeArdo from CBS Sports created a top 25 players of all time lists in which the top five on DeArdo’s list were Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Peyton Manning. Patrick Mahomes made it onto this list (which is no surprise) at No. 8 (but surprisingly higher than expected), as well as Aaron Donald at No. 15. No Buffalo Bills players made this list and it was wrong of DeArdo to leave off legendary defensive end Bruce Smith.

The Bills greatest pass rusher of all time is arguably the greatest Bill of all time. Smith played for the Bills for 15 years, then with Washington for four seasons. In his career, Smith racked up 200 sacks which is the record for career sacks. He also had over 1,200 total tackles. Smith was the Defensive Player of the Year two times (finished in the top five of the voting eight times). Smith was voted as a Pro Bowler 11 times and was an eight time First-Team All-Pro player. Not to mention, he was part of the greatest Bills team that the franchise has ever had.

With all due respect to Reggie White, how does he make this list and Smith doesn’t? The biggest difference between these two all-time greats is that White has a Super Bowl ring while Smith doesn’t. Maybe that does play a factor but in the end, we cannot deny the greatness that Smith provided on the field.