Bills Draft Rumors: Bills among teams most interested in trading up

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The Buffalo Bills have one of the last picks in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft and that pick is expected to be made somewhere around 11:30 PM. However, fans may not need to wait that late to see who will be the next pick by Brandon Beane.

According to Jordan Schultz of Bleacher Report, the Bills are among nine teams that are the most interested in trading up in the first round. In addition to the Bills, Schultz also lists the Giants, Jets, Vikings, Raiders, Colts, Jaguars, Lions and Eagles.

If the Buffalo Bills were to trade up, it almost certainly would be for a wide receiver and the two wide receivers that seem to be the target would be Rome Odunze and Brian Thomas Jr. However, the trade package will look very different.

How far can the Buffalo Bills trade up in the first round?

It is worth noting that of the eight other teams listed, seven of them are currently ahead of the Bills in the first round. The reason this is notable is that if the Buffalo Bills want to move up into the Top 10, it will cost more and might be tougher. They will be competing with these other teams and will need to make an offer that is worthwhile for the team to move that far back in the first round.

This will likely cost them at least their first round pick next year, along with additional picks or players. If the Bills move into the Top 10 it would be for Rome Odunze.

A more likely scenario will be moving about 5-10 picks up to somewhere in the middle of the first round. However, there are still some challenges because teams like the Jaguars, Eagles, and Colts are trying to move up and won't be interested in moving back.

If the Bills make this kind of move it would be for wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. and this would be the move that has a better chance of getting done on Thursday night.