Bills address WR need in post-Stefon Diggs full 7-round NFL mock draft

Bills Mafia believed the Bills needed to draft a widr receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft. With Stefon Diggs kicked out of One Bills Drive, that need has reached astronomical now levels now.
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Buffalo Bills 6th & 7th round - 2024 NFL Draft

R6:204 - Brennan Jackson - Edge, Washington State

Here is another that brings a relentless motor to the field. These types of players can frustrate and the offensive line. That relentlessness and tenacity helped Brennan Jackson record a solid nine sacks last season and an impressive 37 total pressures. He needs to learn some additional pass rush and counter moves but has a decent bend around the corner, which is vital to any pass-rusher.

R7:148 - Khalid Duke - Edge, Kansas State

I know, three edge defenders in one draft. Perhaps that one too many but the Bills need to think not just about 2024, but beyond. Even if Von Miller comes back in 2024 and has a good season, he won't be doing it much longer. Epenesa and Rousseau, so far have proven to be no more than five or six sack guys (though Rousseau has shown to be outstanding against the run). Buffalo needs to draft guys this year, and next year and don't stop until they find guys that can consistently get the quarterback. This is a passing league and the best defense against that, is a strong pass rush. Once you get to this point in the draft, I look for that relentless, non-stop motor, and Khalid Duke fits that profile.


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