Is Andy Isabella creating enough buzz to crack Buffalo Bills 53-man roster?

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Andy Isabella impresses in the Buffalo Bills first preseason game

Isabella played with the third-string offense in the Bills' first preseason game last Saturday, against the Colts. If you didn’t already know, he showed out. He caught all three of his targets for 42 yards. Included in those receptions, was a short pass and catch that he turned upfield for a 30-yard gain.

While you might be thinking, “Yeah, big deal, three caches for 42 yards”, it was Isabella’s speed and route running that drew attention. The Buffalo Bills are always looking to add speed, it's just something you can't teach. As far as route running goes, only good things can happen when you have good and shifty route runners. The coaching staff likes what they saw from the shifty receiver, as he reportedly received more reps with Josh Allen in practice.

Offensive Coordinator, Ken Dorsey, told reporters on Wednesday that the most impressive thing he’s seen from Isabella is his work ethic. Dorsey also mentioned that Isabella already has a good grasp on the Bills' offense, despite only signing already three days into camp. It’s also worth noting that Dorsey said he’s earned the trust of all the Bills’ quarterbacks.