7 Buffalo Bills who stood out in first preseason game against the Colts

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Dane Jackson

Another player who stood out was actually Damar Hamlin's teammate in college at the University of Pittsburgh. Damar Hamlin was a sixth round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and was drafted one year after Dane Jackson, who was a seventh round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Entering training camp, Dane Jackson was somewhat of an afterthough in the cornerback battle for the starting job opposite Tre'Davious White. The thought was that it would end up being Kaiir Elam and Christian Benford while Jackson would be an excellent depth cornerback that has starting experience.

However, Dane Jackson hasn't gone away and has made the most of his opportunities through training camp. He would get the start opposite Tre'Davious White in this game and play only three plays, the final play being an interception by Jackson.

The fact that Jackson not only got the start, but played so little in this game, seems to make it clear that he is the favorite right now to be the starter.