Ranking the final 8 NFL playoff teams: who's the top dog

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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The "Super" Wildcard Weekend was anything but super. Five of the six games were decided by 14 or more points, with the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams the only close games. This is pretty much the norm since the seventh team was added to the playoffs. Since the league went to a 14-team playoff format, 14 of the 24 games played were decided by ten or more points.

The league will never go back to a 12-team format again and if anything will expand the playoffs to 16 teams. I personally would not be a fan of that but I'm just one fan and no doubt this move would give the league more games to market, which means more money. With the remaining eight teams playing this weekend, it should be must-see TV. The teams that advanced looked dominant last weekend, with a couple of upsets. Including the Texans completely dismantling the Cleveland Browns and the Green Bay Packers sending the Dallas Cowboys back to their couches.

The Chiefs' defense continued their outstanding play, holding the Dolphins to a mere seven points, while the Lions got past the Rams, 24 - 23. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills dispatched the Steelers with relative ease and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sent the Eagles back to Philadelphia with their tail tucked between their legs. How do these eight teams stack up against each other? Let's get into our rankings.