6 toughest decisions the Buffalo Bills have in the 2024 offseason

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
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What should the Buffalo Bills do with Mitch Morse?

Mitch Morse has been the key to the Buffalo Bills offensive line since being signed as a free agent in 2019. He has started 77 games over the past five seasons and the offensive line as a whole was probably the best it has been at any point in his time in Buffalo.

However, Morse will be 32 years old this upcoming season and is entering the final year of his contract. The challenge for the Bills is that he has a salary cap hit over $11 million but knowing they need to find cap space, they could release him and create over $8 million in cap space.

While the cap space certainly would help, it creates a major hole on the offensive line and depending on who the replacement is, the savings may not be much at all. This was one of Morse's best seasons and this is a scenario where a contract extension for a year or two keeps the stability at the position but also creates some flexibility for this offseason.