6 final thoughts on the Buffalo Bills week 8 win over the Bucs

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Bills defense was solid but.....

The Buffalo defense was solid against the Bucs but they had some issues with penalties and their pass rush seemed to disappear at times. Still, they made some plays against Baker Mayfield but he also did a good job avoiding pressure and getting out of sacks. As a unit, the Bills recorded three sacks, three tackles for a loss, and an impressive ten quarterback hits. Despite the stat line, there were moments when they couldn't seem to get to Mayfield and they needed to turn some of those QB hits into sacks.

Christian Benford played a great game too, as did the Bills secondary as a whole. They largely kept the impressive due of Chris Godwin and Mike Evans in check. They did give up a touchdown to each but neither racked up a lot of receptions or yards. My only other complaint with the performance of the defense was the penalties, specifically on that Bucs final touchdown drive. Twice the Bills' defense made stops to end the drive and twice they gave it away with penalties that resulted in first downs. They play a little more disciplined and the game never comes close to that hail mary.