6 defensive linemen Buffalo Bills should target after NFL Combine

T'Vondre Sweat
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Adisa Isaac

With having examined one Penn State defensive lineman, why not another? With Chop Robinson being a name talked about early, I wasn't aware at first of Isaac.

After diving into some of his stats and how PFF views him on the big board, I should have been made aware. His draft profile states: "His hand placement and leverage are consistent and effective when holding the line of scrimmage, which allows him to rip off blocks to make tackles after setting the edge. His hands are also active when rushing the passer. He loves the club-rip move, and he uses it consistently to turn the corner and get around blockers quickly."

This is such a great set of tools to have for a draft prospect off the edge. A big negative that PFF has for Adisa is his weight and how light he is for his size (254 pounds at 6'4") and how it could affect him against bigger offensive linemen. Even with that concern, I still feel he could make a big impact in this rotation. He seems like a very complete prospect, weight aside. Also, a big reason why the Bills might draft him is they scheduled a visit with him, so keep an eye on Isaac as a potential draft pick.