6 defensive linemen Buffalo Bills should target after NFL Combine

T'Vondre Sweat
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Ruke Orhorhoro

Ruke is an interesting prospect. According to his draft profile on the PFF NFL Draft Big Board, he joined the Clemson Tigers as a defensive end at 265 pounds, but since bulked up to 290 pounds. And because of that, he is sort of a "tweener", but is strong for his frame.

With that versatility, it helps him out quite a bit as sort of a positionless defensive lineman. He is also great in run defense, and he also doesn't whiff on many tackles. This definitely helps the Bills getting a sure tackler on their line, especially against the run.

Again, with how much the Bills rotate their linemen, Ruke can be an asset from day one. McDermott and Babich don't need to rely on him taking on a large number of snaps, which in turn, can help him develop at the next level.