6 defensive linemen Buffalo Bills should target after NFL Combine

T'Vondre Sweat
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Braden Fiske

Braden certainly helped his draft stock at the combine, but he already was a target that could go within the first 2 rounds. He possesses a high football intellect that certainly will transfer over to the NFL, as well as a ton of athleticism and quickness that can certainly be a havoc for interior offensive linemen.

One of his major flaws that might limit him is he has shorter arms which will limit some of his pass rush moves, but combine that with his high motor and his quickness, mitigates what he lacks in that department. According to the PFF NFL Draft Big Board "Fiske wins with a quick first step and fast hands, allowing him to be an effective one-gap penetrator and making him tough to reach block.

His shorter arms limit the depth of his pass-rush tool bag despite his good understanding of moves. His club-arm over/swim is potent. His weight limits his strength in run defense, but he holds up well pound-for-pound and possesses good eyes and anticipation for where the ball is going." Even though he is limited in run defense, he is a good complement to players like Daquan Jones and Greg Rousseau who excel in run defense.