6 Buffalo Bills who struggled in second preseason game against Steelers

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Tyrel Dodson / A.J. Klein

At this point of the year, the Buffalo Bills coaching staff were hoping to know who would be replacing Tremaine Edmunds at middle linebacker. However, the competition hasn't developed and there hasn't been a player who can seize the opportunity.

Tyrel Dodson has seemingly had the most opportunities to this point after starting both preseason games but has really struggled in both chances. He was also in the game in the fourth quarter which is not a great indication that he has the confidence from the coaching staff to be the starter.

Last week, Sean McDermott talked about how valuable communication and leadership is from that position. It seemed like A.J. Klein might be moving up the depth chart and did get some snaps against the Steelers with the first team.

He is a veteran that knows this defense and certainly could communicate play calls but the concern was what happens after the snap. This is where he really struggled with a missed tackle on third down and also getting called for pass interference in the end zone.

The last hope for the Bills of players on the roster at this point is Terrel Bernard, who is currently dealing with a hamstring injury. Even if he can return for the final preseason game, it is a big risk at a key position that might force the team to look outside the organization.