6 Buffalo Bills records unlikely to be broken any time soon

Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills Career Receiving Yards (13,095 yards)

Record Holder: Andre Reed

The Buffalo Bills have seen a number of receiving records fall over the past few years as Stefon Diggs ranks first and second in most receiving yards in a season, most receptions in a season, and most receiving touchdowns in a season.

If Stefon Diggs started his career with the Bills and had Josh Allen throwing him the football, it would be much more likely that he would break this career record held by Andre Reed. However, he is older and will be turning 30 years old this season.

Diggs presently has 4,189 receiving yards, which ranks fifth in franchise history, and he has a real chance to move up two spots this season with 1,200 receiving yards. However, if he were to pass Andre Reed he would need to average 1,500 receiving yards for six straight seasons.

While he could play six more seasons, it seems a little too optimistic to expect him to average that much toward the end of his career.