6 Buffalo Bills records unlikely to be broken any time soon

Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills Most Rushing Yards in a Season (2,003 yards)

Record Holder: O.J. Simpson

This is one record that has a little bit of a better chance of being broken because the NFL did expand their regular season to 17 games (compared to the 14 that O.J. Simpson had). Whoever does break it really only needs one really great season and not consistent performance over a long career.

O.J. Simpson set the rushing yards in a season record in 1973 with the Buffalo Bills and that would be an NFL record until 1984 when Eric Dickerson ran for 2,105 yards. It is a rare accomplishment to break 2,000 rushing yards in a season and only eight running backs have been able to do it in NFL history.

The NFL, and particularly the Buffalo Bills, have been moving away from the featured running back offense. Most teams have two or three running backs that split the workload in hopes of keeping the players fresh. This year is no different for the Bills as they have Cook, Damien Harris (or Latavius Murray), and Nyheim Hines splitting the work.

I don't see any of these three getting enough carries to even come close to 2,000 rushing yards but among the records in this list, this is probably the one that has the best chance to be broken if one of these running backs gets off to a fast start.