6 Buffalo Bills records unlikely to be broken any time soon

Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills
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In the past few seasons, the Buffalo Bills have seen a number of franchise records fall, mostly by Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Tyler Bass. These three now own multiple season records for the franchise like most passing yards in a season, most receiving yards, and most points.

It wouldn't be surprising to see these players again in a good position this season to break their own records, but some franchise records are unlikely to be broken soon. A majority of these franchise records are career records but there is two notable season record that probably don't get broken ever again.

6 Buffalo Bills records unlikely to be broken any time soon

Buffalo Bills Career Rushing Yards (11,938 yards)

Record Holder: Thurman Thomas

Thurman Thomas was one of the best running backs in Buffalo Bills history and was the team's featured back for over a decade from 1988 to 1999. He was a key part of that great Bills offense that helped the team reach four straight Super Bowls.

The player on the Bills roster that is closest to this record is actually Josh Allen who has 3,087 rushing yards. It is unlikely that he will come close to Thomas' record so that really leaves only James Cook, who has only 507 career rushing yards.

If James Cook were to be the player to break it and he averaged 1,000 rushing yards per season he would pass Thomas in 12 years. While possible, most running backs don't have that type of longevity and Cook is unlikely to get the workload needed to average 1,000 rushing yards.