5 wide receivers the Buffalo Bills can draft to replace Gabe Davis

Gabe Davis bolted to the Jacksonville Jaguars, rejoining his former wide receivers coach Chad Hall. Who could the Buffalo Bills target in the 2024 NFL Draft to replace Davis next season and beyond?

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Troy Franklin - Oregon

I find it interesting how players during the entire draft process can seemingly slide up and down draft boards so erratically. It wasn't that long ago that Franklin was a Bills Mafia darling, now you don't hear him mentioned as often. A lot of that can be attributed to his NFL Combine performance. He'll get another chance at his Oregon Pro Day to impress, but for now, he sits around the low 30s in terms of draft position.

At the NFL Combine he ran a 4.41, 40 and I think that was slower than what some expected. Please don't read what I'm not writing, 4.41 is extremely fast, but I think fans thought he'd be a sub-4.4 guy. He also had a vertical below 40 inches, which seems a little low for a 6'2" athlete and his 10-yard split time split was only 1.61 seconds. Still, I think he could be a nice addition, with a high ceiling. I'm very interested in seeing how his pro day plays out though.