5 wide receivers the Buffalo Bills can draft to replace Gabe Davis

Gabe Davis bolted to the Jacksonville Jaguars, rejoining his former wide receivers coach Chad Hall. Who could the Buffalo Bills target in the 2024 NFL Draft to replace Davis next season and beyond?

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Ladd McConkey - Georgia

Ladd McConkey is the most polished and NFL-ready receiver of this group, maybe even more so than some of the top-of-the-first-round guys like Malik Nabers. Look, I'm a huge fan of McConkey. His route running is second to none and can be plugged right into an offense and have an immediate impact. A lot of fans project him as a slot receiver and don't see him as effective on the outside. He also doesn't have the size that many fans are looking for.

But look, the Bills haven't had a "go up and get it" receiver, a "50/50" jump ball type guy in years. You might have to go back to pre-Josh Allen to find one on the Bills roster. Plus, he's 6'0" and 185 pounds. The two most impactful and successful receivers in the Bills locker room are Khalil Shakir and Stefon Diggs. Both of whom are 6'0" and 190ish pounds. I'm not concerned with the, you need this body type or that body type, to fill out a receiving room. Just give guys that get open, don't drop the ball, and make plays. A top three of Diggs, Shakir, and McConkey would be a nightmare for any defense. Throw in Dalton Kincaid, James Cook, and Dawson Knox, and you have the makings of the best passing attack in the league.