5 wide receivers the Buffalo Bills can draft to replace Gabe Davis

Gabe Davis bolted to the Jacksonville Jaguars, rejoining his former wide receivers coach Chad Hall. Who could the Buffalo Bills target in the 2024 NFL Draft to replace Davis next season and beyond?

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It's no surprise that Gabe Davis decided to sign elsewhere, agreeing to a three-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars and rejoining his former wide receivers coach Chad Hall. I had hoped he would stay and re-sign, but I figured his time in Buffalo was over. Either way, whether he stayed or not, I am a huge fan of the Bills drafting a receiver in next month's NFL Draft. Now, that needs to be one of the Bills' top priorities.

Fortunately, this coming draft is loaded with supremely talented, and very fast, receivers. There will be talent even after the second round that could be appealing and my hope is the Bills grab a first-round receiver, then follow up in the fourth or fifth and double down on the position. For the sake of this article, I'm looking at potential first or second-round targets that could step in and replace Gabe Davis as the Buffalo Bills number two receiver, opposite Stefon Diggs.

Look for a piece from me in the coming days and weeks that provides a breakdown of some of the later-round wide receivers that could be in play, but for now, we're looking for that guy we think is a bonafide NFL starting receiver. Not only does the team need to replace Davis, but this could be the best chance for the Bills to find Diggs heir-apparent. I'm not saying Diggs is on his way down, but Buffalo needs to think long-term with this selection.

There are several receivers I like in the first and second rounds for the Bills but one guy you won't find on this list is Xavier Worthy. I know there are a lot of Worthy fans out there but history has shown on more than a few occasions that world-class speed doesn't equate to NFL success. Add in the fact that Worthy's "drive" on the field may not be at the level you'd want, plus he's only 165 pounds, and I'm out on worthy. So, with that, here are my five guys.

The Buffalo Bills can replace Gabe Davis with any of these five wide receivers.