5 trades the Buffalo Bills could make before the deadline

Patrick Surtain Jr.
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Terry McLaurin - Wide Receiver

I've been a big fan of Terry McLaurin since he came into this league and he's one of those receivers that has struggled with multiple bad quarterbacks throughout his career. I can only imagine what he could do with Josh Allen slinging passes to him. His current deal in Washington is four years at over $68 million; however, this season he's due only about $4.5 million.

The catch is that the contract increases exponentially over the next two seasons; however, the Bills could work out a restructure and move that money out a couple extra years. That does not come without risk though, given he's 28 years old, and extending him another two years or more would put him close to mid-30s and we could end up with an expensive receiver that's lost a couple of steps.

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