Buffalo Bills: Grading Josh Allen's Week 7 performance

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Make this the third consecutive week that the Buffalo Bills found themselves down going into halftime. The New England Patriots got up on the board early with a field goal before Josh Allen threw an interception on his first attempt of the game. The Patriots would capitalize on that turnover with an Ezekiel Elliott touchdown run.

Despite only getting three points on the board in the first half, Buffalo punted once in that half. The other drives were an interception, a field goal, and a missed field goal.

Going into halftime, the Bills were down 13-3, which the Bills only had a combined ten points in the first half of the last three games. The Bills started off the second half by taking the ball down the field and ending the drive with an Allen-to-James Cook 8-yard touchdown pass to give the Bills their first touchdown of the game.

The Bills' offense played well in the third quarter, with one drive resulting in a touchdown and the second drive going into the fourth quarter in which Allen converted on a fourth down with a quarterback sneak. However, that drive would eventually result in a turnover on downs with a Dawson Knox dropped pass on fourth down.

After the Patriots managed to make it a two-score possession, putting all the pressure on Josh Allen and the offense, Buffalo would respond with a dump-and-go type of passing drive and it ended with a 25-yard touchdown pass to cut into the Patriots' lead. Then the Bills' offense got the ball back quickly after a Jordan Poyer forced fumble to give the Bills a chance to take the lead with under five minutes left.

Allen would keep it himself on a third-and-goal and score to give the Bills their first lead of the day, and the offense also managed to convert the two-point conversion to make it 25-22 with 1:58 left in regulation. However, the Bills' defense would bend and break as they gave up a touchdown with 12 seconds left in the game. The Patriots would go on to pick up their second win of the season against the Bills, 29-25.

Josh Allen's stats

Allen finished the game 27/41 for 265 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. It once again took until the second half for this offense to get going but it was not enough. Allen forced the ball at times (targeting Stefon Diggs 12 times), but his offensive line did not hold up against the New England defense.

The lack of first half efforts ended up firing back on the Bills, but Allen himself managed to improve throughout the second half.

Week 7 Grade: C

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