5 thoughts ahead of Buffalo Bills divisional battle with the New England Patriots

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The Buffalo Bills need to get the offense rolling again

I'm not too concerned about the Bills offense but hope for more consistency going forward. Buffalo for whatever reason, seems to have games like this throughout the season. We saw it last season and we saw it with Brian Daboll too. This year's version of the Bills offense is not an issue with Ken Dorsey, despite what many fans are saying. Josh Allen came to Dorsey's defense in a recent press conference.

At the end of the day, the players have to execute the plays that are called. Football in its basic form is simple. Do your job and beat the man across from you and you'll succeed. It is that simple and the players aren't always executing. After reviewing the All-22 from the Giants game, there were plays in which Allen could have extended drives by hitting the open guy in the flat or underneath.

There have also been instances this season when Allen could have easily run for a first down and inexplicably fired the ball downfield. I'm not sure if the coaches are telling him to stop running so much or not. It's not all on Allen though, it's on the rest of the team too. The offensive line has been the best it's ever been in the McDermott era, but they have still had moments of lapses. The receivers could do a better job of gaining separation and gaining Allen's trust too, when he does throw their way.