5 storylines emerging from Buffalo Bills training camp

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Gabe Davis is having the best camp of his career

Even if many Bills fans don’t believe in Gabe Davis, the team does, and Josh Allen does as well.  Stefon Diggs called Davis WR1 via Twitter (or X, whatever it’s called these days) and so far in camp, Davis has been sensational.  With multiple impressive catches, including one-handed touchdown grabs.

Last season, Davis had 48 receptions, 836 yards, and seven touchdowns.  He was also second in the NFL with 17.4 yards per reception.  On the surface, these are solid numbers but the problem is there were a lot more receptions and yards that he could have had.  Davis struggled with multiple drops throughout the season but the entire team really struggled in this department.

After Davis’ incredible playoff performance against the Kansas City Chiefs, the expectations went through for roof for him.  The 2022 season that Davis endured though took a hit when he suffered an early season high-ankle sprain, something he battled through all season long and affected his play too.

During a recent press conference, Davis commented about the types of targets he was seeing largely throughout the 2022 season but the part of this press conference you don’t hear in this clip was him talking about the struggles with the injury and hearing the noise from the fans.  These players can say they ignore the outside noise, but they are still human and hear it.

Diggs recently commented Davis will have a breakout season. What that looks like, one can only guess, but if he can avoid the drops that plagued him last season, Davis could be a double-digit touchdown guy with over 1,000 yards in 2023.