5 Recent Buffalo Bills additions already on the chopping block in 2024

The Buffalo Bills have about 90 guys currently on their roster, so it goes without saying, there will be cuts. But we've got five guys added this offseason who are already candidates to be cut.
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Marquez Valdez-Scantling - Wide Receiver

I know what Valdez-Scantling's contract looks like and because of that, many believe him to be a lock to make the Bills roster in 2024. However, I'm not sure that will factor into the team's decision to keep him. Look, they paid Diggs over $30 million to go somewhere else, so Scantling's little contract won't factor in either. Buffalo added a lot of talented receivers this offseason to compete for a roster spot. Khalil Shakir, Keon Coleman, Curtis Samuel, and Mack Hollins are locks. Chase Claypool is performing well in practices and showing he deserves a spot on the Bills 2024 roster. K.J. Hamler has been stepping up in OTAs and minicamp as well. That doesn't leave too many spots for the others in the Bills receiving corps.

The one saving grace for MVS is that according to reports Tyrell Shavers and Justin Shorter haven't been giving the Bills too many reasons to keep them around either, so either of them, or both could be cut as well. Also, the Bills could keep seven receivers, which makes things easier for MVS. I'm not saying he's a definite cut, but I wouldn't be shocked if he is, but won't be shocked if he makes the 53-man roster either. He's a streaky player, with a tendency to drop passes, but he can also make big plays. It'll be interesting to see how the Bills wide receiver depth chart shakes out when training camp opens.