5 reasons why the Buffalo Bills should not draft a WR in first round

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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Reason No. 3: It's the Dalton Kincaid show in Buffalo

A lot of people seem to be overlooking last year’s first-round selection, Dalton Kincaid. The now heading into his sophomore season tight end, has all the tools to be a premier threat and spearhead this offense. We saw his development as the season went on and it’s clear he became one of Josh Allen’s go-to guys, making numerous clutch catches in big games on their winning streak to close out the season.

In the regular season, Kincaid saw 91 targets, he caught 73 of them for 673 yards, two touchdowns, and 29 first downs. Now, while the stats might not pop out to an outsider, Bills Mafia knows what they have in their 6’4” 240 pound pass-catching specialist tight end. In his first two playoff games this year, Kincaid saw 11 targets and caught eight of them for 104 yards and a touchdown.

Kincaid can be the leading pass catcher like Travis Kelce is for the Kansas City Chiefs. No, Kincaid is not Kelce who is a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer and possibly the best ever at his position, but Kincaid can be in that same role for the Bills. His fluidity in his route running is gorgeous, he knows how to work zones, has incredibly strong hands, and can beat you at all three levels. He can also make things happen after the catch, which the Bills have wanted more of the last few years.

When the Bills took Kincaid last season, whom Josh Allen told Beane he loved, (he texted him on draft day asking for him), they had to envision a possible funneling the offense through him in the future.

While Kincaid can beat you all over the field, as mentioned earlier, he works best at the intermediate level. Instead of burning assets to go up and get one of the premier receivers, or trading for one, he might already be on your roster, in the form of your first-round pick last year. Curtis Samuel and Khalil Shakir are surrounding him working underneath stuff, now go get two speedy guys who can stretch the field in the draft.

That will open up the entire field for the Bills offense, and let Kincaid do his thing. Down the stretch with Diggs off the field, we already saw the way the offense was flowing, as shown in this chart by Cover1.