5 reasons to get super excited for Buffalo Bills training camp

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
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2.) Potential new defensive look

When it was reported that Leslie Frazier would not be with the Bills for this season, there was speculation that there might have been tension in the coaching room because of how the seasons have ended the previous years.

Under Frazier, the Bills have always been a solid defensive unit that can help change a game in favor of Buffalo. However, there are also times when the Bills defense was exposed and was not aggressive enough. The Bills defense might look different this season not just because of the coaching change, but also the hole at the middle linebacker position. 

Who knows who will be the official play caller for the Bills defense, but one thing for sure is that it should be a different look. If McDermott does decide to officially call the plays, he will be able to have a full attention to the defense and be able to bring back an aggressive mindset.

As a previous defensive coordinator, McDermott knows how to get the best out of everyone. One exciting thing to keep an eye on is the linebacker position because it is unknown as of now. With a veteran like A.J. Klein and young guys Terrel Bernard and Dorian Williams, this will be a position battle that will show who will receive the plays from the defensive play caller.